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We also promote and celebrate other arts festivals which take place in the area. Whatever the time of year, there’s always something happening – whether it’s high summer or the dead of winter.

The 19th St Albans Village Festival takes place at Old Manor Farm in Hertfordshire, one of the most beautiful settings in the country for an event of this type. The festival includes internationally known performances from the world of Rock and Roots music.

All events take place in tents and the compact area includes four separate stages and children's tent, three cider tents and a range of trade stalls selling food and products from all over the globe. Free tents and free car parking are all there or close at hand.

St Albans and the surrounding villages have a reputation as some of the best organised festivals in the country, certainly the Home Counties, with an individual air which is extremely special, drawing customers back year after year.

After people have experienced a St Albans Festival, they come back for much more and more, the air is really unique and for so many people it is the best part of the summer - don't miss it!

Let us know if you have any photos or memories of the festival or any others and we will be sure to mention them on the website if you want. Get in touch if there are any other exciting festivals in the area.


Welcome to Arts Centre

We are a website dedicated to arts centres, providing information on venues and the performances hosted there.

We intend to celebrate the contemporary arts of the Hertfordshire area at home and throughout the diaspora.

The work of our trust is to protect and promote communication and collaboration between artistes working in varied parts of the world and with the countries they are working in we are at the front of contemporising the culture in all its modes and looks to mainstream and promote variation by spreading consciousness to all.

Societies in the occident today are facing social and financial problems partly stemming from a dearth of cultural identity which we hope to help moderate with educational tasks and motivational projects, promoting the arts and culture.

The local art and culture is old and respected and in danger of vanishing in its original form. It has changed and been made into a way of life, protecting those who have required it across the world, offering a sense of identity and belonging which is absent amongst many people of African heritage in the diaspora.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. We celebrate all sorts of cultures here and have plenty of week-long events to promot awareness about them. We also show plays, films and dances – which have attracted raving reviews from papers such as The Telegraph and The Guardian. We also teach lessons – from music to drama to dance and all sorts. So please do contact us for more information.

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